Jacob and the Pink Pencil By Darren Zammit

On the twelfth of June nineteen forty five  it was Jacob John’s third birthday. His parents bought him a set of colours for his birthday. Jacob grabbed the colour set and took a pink pencil, and threw the rest of the colours out of the living room window. His parents punished him for throwing the set away.

The next day, he drew on the wall and his parents had to re-paint the walls. The day after that he drew a picture of a dog chasing a cat on the table. His parents punished him harshly for that.

A  month later he started eating his pencil bit by bit. The pencil ended up covered with saliva. He then drew on his parent’s faces while they were sleeping. They were furious about that. The next day he ate his pencil and his parents were relieved because the pencil had cost them a lot of money and pain to get it off their faces.
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