When we won the futsal tournament By Andre Mallia

One fine day when I was in year 6, we had a special outing. We left school to go for a futsal tournament.

The teacher, Mr Borg chose 5 students to play in this tournament.  He chose Alan as the goalkeeper, Ryan, Calvin, Kylie and finally me. The outing was going to be at the sports complex in Cospicua. We went there to have fun but also to win.

We had a great team. In this tournament there were a lot of competitors. This tournament lasted 5 hours. By the end we were very tired but we won all the matches that we played. We won the tournament because we had a lot of points.

When we got back at school the team members were praised by the headmaster of the school. I was praised for all that I had done to win the futsal tournament.

This is the best memory I have of year 6.

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