The Dirty Facade of a House by Darren Zammit

One fine Saturday morning in Liedna Street, Fgura, Jack and Farmsworth were playing basketball. A few minutes before they were at home feeling very bored; so they ran away to play a game. At one moment, Farmsworth, accidentally,  threw the ball against the broken window of a run down house.

It was an old, dirty house which was mostly destroyed. Vandals usually went there to break things but they never came out. Its facade was dirty. It was said that some strange sounds could be heard coming from inside the house.

Jack and Farmsworth were two idiots who never thought before doing something; so they went in the house to get their ball,  in spite of all the rumours they had heard. They found the ball,  but they heard some strange sounds like the clattering of wood and the growling of wolves.

They decided to explore the house from top to bottom and after a while searching they discovered a huge room and went in. They saw a large, strangely shaped body facing the opposite direction in the corner. Jack and Farmsworth did things straight away. Quickly, they picked up two wooden planks from a broken door and charged at the body. It turned, revealing its horrifying face. Jack and Farmsworth smacked and stabbed the creature and it howled and growled in pain, showing its bloodstained, pointy teeth. It tripped backwards and Jack stabbed it in the stomach and dark-green blood squirted out, covering Jack. The creature ran away, throwing Jack to the ground. The plank was still plunged in its stomach.

They picked up some bones and skulls and went home where their mothers yelled and punished them harshly because they ran away from home. Both boys were covered in the creature’s blood, which their mothers thought was mud. When they told them the story,  their mothers thought that they had made it up and didn’t believe that the creature existed in the house just round the corner.

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